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Development Committee 

The Development Committee is responsible for ensuring that the goals of the school are achieved and funded. Grant writing, fundraising, and other fiscal monitoring takes place in this Committee setting.

Michelle Salisbury counciltreasurer@compassschool.org

Physical Environment/Site Committee

The Physical Environment Committee deals with the physical plant of the school including any and all aspects of program implementation. Collecting recyclable materials, maintenance of the ecological environment, maintenance of the school facility and/or any special physical needs of teachers, students and staff as related to projects and curriculum.

Evan Preisser preisser@uri.edu

Learning Committee

The Learning Committee is responsible for shaping and monitoring curriculum. The board of this committee will be comprised of faculty members as well as parents with special interests and applicable skill and training in the area of development in any of the learning areas.

Elissa Crandall ecrandall@compassschool.org

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee ensures that Compass is in compliance with regulations regarding the operation of our school.

Nicole Salaun nsalaun@compassschool.org

Health & Safety 

The Health, Safety and Wellness Committee/Farm Launch regularly assesses our school’s attention to the well-being of our students, as well as with facilitating year 2 of the Compass School Farm initiative.

Christine Heart-Skaggs cmhsk69@gmail.com