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Thank you for the prep work that you did with your kids; they brought awesome energy and joy to the day. 

While the kids will be the first to tell you that it wasn’t the best “snowman snow”, they figured it out and solved the problem! 

We heard some teams say:

“This snow is like sand,so we just have to treat it like you’re building a sand castle!” 

 “Ours came out well because we brought a spray bottle to wet it down. 
Do you guys want to you want to use it now that we’re done? 

Perhaps the favorite comment was,
“You’re a really good buddy.  Thank you.” 

Measuring Success

Did we build the tallest snowmen? Nah…it wasn’t that kind of snow.

Did we build 100 snowmen? Well, we got pretty close but a lot of teams buddied up, which meant fewer snowmen. 🙂 

We measured success using this mantra: 

And through that cultivating community lens, we saw: 

  • 100% of teams were multi-age. 

  • 100% of students participated. 

  • 100% of the groups made squeals of joy during the event. 

  • 100% of the groups had zero behavior referrals during the activity. 

Plus, we were outside, so we could be ‘Rona Safe and Maskless – our favorite.

Snowman Success! 

With that in mind here are some (there are many more…) pics of our process and products! 

Mr. Iain (Discoverer TA) got caught up in the excitement too and made the biggest snow angel any of us had ever seen!  (He’s really, really tall 🙂 

I’m not sure what was cooler, his huge snow angel or that rockin’ snowsuit
Thanks for helping us bring joy and positive energy to our Compass Community!