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The Food Drive was a huge success! Compass worked together to nourish our neighbors with     

344 lbs. of food! WOW!

A special shout out to the Discoverers for helping to sort, organize and categorize the food into boxes. They did a great job working together. As they worked and organized, they could be overheard saying, “Ok guys, we will box the canned vegetables! Ok, we will box the bathroom stuff! We will box the pasta!” “I have a can of tuna here, what box should we put this in?” “Hey, Ms. Diane, we should have a drive for an animal shelter!”

Compass students were engaged and excited thoughtout the whole food drive process. Clearly the food drive also left them inspired for next steps. True collaboration at working together towards the common goal to support our neighbors!

A big Thank you to the whole Compass Community for your help and support!