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Compass is delighted to have received a $9,000 grant from the NRCS to install a seasonal high tunnel on our farm.  This will allow us to extend our growing season and further enrich the experiences at the Science Engagement Center at the Compass School Farm.

This structure will be different than our greenhouse where we prep seedlings in soil blocks on tables. In a high tunnel, you plant right in the ground – the covering protects the plants when the weather gets cool. 




Where will the new high tunnel go?

First, The Vision:

Ideally, the high tunnel will be placed in the area abutting the goat pen on one side and the raised beds on the other.

Next, The Reality:

We have some neighbors who notified us that they intend to speak out in opposition to our special permit for the high tunnel at our upcoming Special Permit Hearing in front of the SK Zoning Board. When our Navigators (7th/8th) heard this, they became all fired up and inspired to act.  With support from Ms. Harlyn in ELA, they are writing persuasive letters explaining why Compass should  be able to have a high tunnel even if our neighbors would prefer not to see one. We will then practice those at our Student Voice and Leadership session.  Even those who are not official members of SVL are welcome to participate if they would like to join the Compass advocacy team.  The big showdown is scheduled for:

  • December 20th at 7:00
  • 180 High St., Wakefield, RI 02879 

We’re first on the agenda, so it shouldn’t be too late of a night! I invite our Navigators and their families to come and use their Loud and Proud voices to read their persuasive letters to the zoning board.  I am optimistic that our student advocates will be more persuasive than our neighbors 🙂