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On Thursday, October 8th, the Compass Community came together with the most incredible show of strength.  Substitute teachers, parents and Ms. Brandee held down the fort at Compass so that teachers and staff could be present for a colleague in need.

Not only did everyone survive the day, we thrived.  Our students were amazing.  Parents were proud to help make the day possible.  Many substitute teachers reported that it was their easiest sub day ever because there was so much support and the kids played their part as well.

One parent reflected:

“When I heard the news, one of my first thoughts was ‘what can I do? how can I best help?’ Pitching in at the community day today provided me with a way to do just that; by being at the school, along with the amazing logistics and planning that went along with it, we enabled Ms. Kat to be surrounded by her long time friends. So congratulations to all on the success of a major undertaking.

In the our classroom, I felt as if we accomplished a great deal today both educationally and emotionally (given the circumstances of the day).  We gave the children a stable, safe and nurturing environment, and that is mainly due to the wonderful pre-planning by the teachers…my hat’s off to you! You keep amazing me!  May you give all of your loved ones an extra hug today and be thankful that we are able to.”
Cheers to the Compass Community for rising to an incredible challenge and proving that we are up for anything.