School Nurse Diane Barzaghi, R.N.
Phone 788-8233 x12
(Confidential line for detailed voicemails)


Covid-19 FAQs:

What To Do if My Child Has One or More Symptoms (links to

What happens if Compass has one or more positive cases?

Steps to Take if Your Child Needs a Covid-19 Test:

  1. Call (844) 857-1814 to schedule the test.
  2. Call your child’s healthcare provider to inform them of your child’s symptoms.
  3. Call the nurse with results 788-8322, x12. Her voicemail is confidential.
  4. Quarantine all household members (preferably separated from each other) until your child’s 2 tests come back negative. If your child tests positive, call the nurse for further guidance.
  5. The following is required before your child can return to school:
    • Negative rapid test AND negative longer acting test.
    • Fever free for 24 hrs. without fever-reducing medication.
    • Improvement of symptoms and return to usual health.
    • Submit Return to School After Illness Attestation form BEFORE getting on bus or arrival to campus. Can be submitted digitally to



Online Resources

Phone Resources

  • COVID-19 Hotine: 401-222-8022
  • Immediate Help with Mental Health or a Substance Use Crisis (401) 414-LINK (5465) For under 18 call: 855-KID(543)-LINK(5465)
  • Stop Smoking: 1-800-QUIT-NOW
  • Food/Medication Delivery for Quarantined Rhode Islanders: 2-1-1
  • Fast Prescription Assistance for Opioid Abusers by telehealth call 606-5452

To reach out to Ms Diane, please send her an email by clicking on her stream line. If you have made an appointment, you can access Ms Diane’s virtual office below:

Ms Diane StreamlineMs Diane Streamline