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The Virtual Learning Path at The Compass School gives our students the opportunity to continue to learn together while we are apart. Utilizing the concepts of Responsive Classroom and Developmental Designs in our community has laid the framework for the rollout of this exciting virtual learning model.



Virtual Learning: The Benefits

The benefits of following the Remote Learning Path during this time of uncertainty are twofold:

  • providing Compass School students with a consistent source of direction which includes virtual access to needed resources,
  • creating a venue for our learning community to continue their work without the interruption to the momentum of the school year

How We’re Set Up for Success

On March 16th, we published “Our Daily Path,” a sneak peek at the lesson plan that our students will be following for the duration of our distance learning period. The predictable nature of this routine will allow our students and their families to anticipate the flow of each day.


  • Both the morning and afternoon portions of our distance learning day will begin with a “specials course,” followed by a check-in meeting with the students’ advisory teacher and ending with small group work assigned via Google Classroom.
  • The technology portion of our virtual learning roll-out will include calendar alerts leading into each class. This will give our learners easy access to their virtual classroom, to their teacher and the ability to follow along with their day’s path.

Community Solidarity:

  • Our distance learning day will begin with an all-school “morning gathering” session featuring an uplifting message from our director. Holding the virtual equivalent of this “in-person” school routine mainstay will remind our children that we are continuing to learn together while we are apart.
  • Although students will not be seated side-by-side in the classroom, they will each be working through their assignments in tandem from their in-home classrooms. Knowing that they are keeping pace with their peers and that their parents are not the only ones making their children complete their work will ease the pressure felt by our families.

Familiar Platform:

  • Our school’s adoption of the Google Education suite and the use of Chromebooks in the classroom has familiarized our students with Google Classroom.
  • The curriculum’s gradual onboarding to a blended learning model includes the assignment and submission of classwork online. This opportunity has helped our staff and students develop a fluency for an alternate communication medium to paper assignments.

Provided Curriculum and Resources:

  • All curriculum for each student’s individualized learning plan will be provided by The Compass School via Google Classroom. The burden of educating our students has not fallen on their families–it is just their physical location that has shifted while we are in a virtual learning period.
  • Any resources that are not available at home will be provided by The Compass School. If a computer or Chromebook is not available for each student at home, one will be provided by the school via the school’s Resource Drive Thru. If internet service is not already available at home, families will be provided with a mobile hot spot. If additional school supplies are needed, they will be sent to students directly.