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The Compass School (“Compass”) adheres to the Access to Public Records Act, R.I.G.L. § 38-2-1, et seq. As such, Compass has instituted the following policy and procedures for obtaining public records, and asks that the public employ such procedures when seeking public records from Compass.

Public Records Request Process:

  1. Write a public records request to Compass or fill out Compass’ APRA form specifying the public records sought.
  2. Mail, email, or fax request to Compass’ APRA Agent as listed below.
  3. Compass will respond to your request within 10 business days or provide you notice of needing an additional 20 business days for “good cause” in order to fulfill your request.
  4. Compass will fulfill your request to the extent possible, invoicing costs to you at a reasonable rate, excluding the first hour of work, and will charge $0.15 per page for hard copies of public records provided.

Compass Designated APRA Agent:

The Compass School

537 Old North Road

Kingston, RI 02881


Public Records Requests Guidelines:

A public records request should sufficiently detail the information you are seeking under the Access to Public Records Act. Take note, however, that you are not required to state why you are seeking the information or to provide any personal information about yourself.

If you know the specific date or date range of the document, include it in your request as the detail will help Compass locate your documents and will result in you spending less on retrieval fees. Additionally, if you have a preferred manner of receiving the information such as fax, hard copy, or e-mail you should specify as such in your request. If it is not unduly burdensome, Compass will fulfill your request in the media of your choice. Also be sure to include the necessary contact information for Compass to respond.

As a best practice, it is advisable to make a copy of your letter and keep it in a safe place. A copy of your original signed letter will be helpful to supporting your claims in the instances that you need to file an appeal or reference your request.


Compass will invoice you for costs in fulfilling your public records request. The hourly cost will exist at a reasonable rate with the first hour excluded. If hard copies of documents are requested or necessary, a cost of $.15 cents per page will be incurred by you. If you are concerned about possible costs, you may include a request for a cost estimate, so that you know how much the request will cost you before you have to pay. Upon your request, Compass will provide you with a detailed itemization of costs.