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Meet Farmer Katie!

My name is Kati Maginel, I’m the Farm Director at the Compass School and have been since the program inception in 2017.  I have a Masters in Non-Profit Leadership from Wheelock College of Education in Boston, MA and a Bachelors degree in Sustainability and Environmental Studies from Berea College in Berea, KY.  I grew up in a homesteading family in Missouri, and attended college for the job opportunity of Sustainability Director, which I held for the duration of my undergraduate degree seeking.  During this time, I planted a food forest and extensive edible landscaping/pollinator habitat, and developed aquaculture, green building, and garden programs for young families.  I also received on-the-job training throughout the 8 years that I worked for Save the Bay in Rhode Island as an Education Specialist and boat Captain.  I am perpetually excited by the concept that the garden seeds we plant, both metaphorical and physical, can feed children and families, and nourish healthy communities into the indefinite future!