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Compass teachers and administrators embrace the school’s philosophy to teach the whole child.  They are also committed to the Compass School mission focused on environmental sustainability, social responsibility and project-based learning.  All of our teachers and administrators have extensive experience and are certified by the RI Department of Education.

Name Position Department

Julie Wynsen

Office and Student Administrator

Karen O’Malley

Explorer Teacher (Grades K-1)

Kat Lyons Schafer

Physical Education Teacher / Health Teacher

Katey Reynolds

Special Education Teacher

Kati Maginel

Farmer ,

Kristen Kardos

Spanish Teacher

Lori Jones

Music Teacher

Mary Ackermann

Administrative Assistant

Michelle Bush

Director of Student Services

Michelle Clifford

Special Educator

Mike Commendatore

Director of Finance

Nancy Lyon

Art Teacher

Nicole Salaun

Explorer Teacher (Grades K-1)

Nikki Gardner

Investigator Teacher (Grades 5-6)

Renee Kenyon

Explorer Teacher Assistant (Grades K-1)

Shannon Alves

Investigator Teacher Assistant (Grades 5-6)