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At Compass, social responsibility begins with taking responsibility for your behaviors.

It includes concern for the consequences of a person’s or institution’s acts as they affect interests of other people and the environment.

More specifically, social responsibility also involves:Compass-School-Pics2-3

  • Advocating citizenship and volunteerism to take good care of people and the earth
  • Recognizing local and global interdependence
  • Advocating environmental sustainability
  • Engaging in and promoting rational discussions

Responsibility begins with each person and then extends to working with individuals, groups, community, and the world.

It connects with our concept of environmental responsibility by asking everyone to “take care” of the world: To responsibly be sure that what we have today will be here in the future.

The philosophy is embedded into the life of the school. Teachers are invested in the school’s mission. Our multi-age approach nurtures strong relationships.

Students are encouraged to:
  • Identify their own feelings
  • Identify their strengths and challenges
  • Express themselves through sharing ideas and experiences with othersCompass-School-Pics-34
  • Make responsible personal choices
Teachers support students by:
  • Providing a safe, positive, and challenging environment
  • Modeling perseverance and good character
  • Offering strategies and opportunities for self-reflection
  • Allowing for personal expression
 In the classrooms
  •  Agreements are established together
  •  Issues are addressed via:
    1.  Classroom meetings
    2.  Conflict resolution
    3.  Logical consequences
Teachers model, teach, and provide opportunities to practice pro-social behaviors.  Emphasize tolerance and appreciation of other cultures, ideas, religions, languages, and opinions.
Compass-School-Pics-28Students extend their knowledge of self and others to the community in the following ways:
  •  Classrooms share, connect and mentor each other
  •  Students engage and learn from the community through:
    1.  Field trips
    2.  Guest speakers
    3.  Participation in community organizations and events
  •  Students look at history from multiple perspectives
  •  Foster relationships with URI
 Compass School families make our school distinguished and special by:
  •  Valuing education
  •  Getting their children ready for a day of fun-filled learning adventures
  •  Supporting teachers and staff
  •  Attending project shares
  •  Volunteering time, supplies, expertise
  •  Chairing committees
  •  Attending conferences