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Compass School Pics-53-2We acknowledge that students may reach the final goal of meeting standards in a variety of ways.  The Compass School believes that learning can be more effective and satisfying if it takes place within an environment that provides a genuine and relevant context.

The project approach is based on the Constructivist view that learning by doing is essential to the growth and integration of novel, innovative ideas.

The project approach offers opportunities for students and teachers to:

  • Participate in authentic and meaningful experiences that integrate science and social studies content with reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Nurture skills and knowledge needed to become active citizens within and beyond the classroom.

We are convinced that designing curricula according to the comprehensive model of the project approach specifically focused on environmental sustainability and social responsibility provides a compelling educational alternative to that presented in a traditional “standards based” educational model.

Our projects support:

  • Planning
  • Reviewing and reflecting
  • Problem solving
  • Research and investigation
  • Communication and community building

Projects provide choices for student focus and methods of presentation of specific aspects of the general content. They are fundamentally and primarily student centered and based on the individual developmental needs of each student.

The Compass School curriculum is designed to provide opportunities to develop their physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and reflective abilities by fully participating in the projects that emerge from collaboration between students, teachers, experts and the community.