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The Compass School is committed to providing a challenging academic curriculum and supporting children in realizing their educational potential.

Compass-School-Pics-54Our administrative and instructional environment is sensitive to the learning needs of each child and capable of responding quickly to maximize learning potential of each child. The school is comprised of four multi-age/multi-year steps and one stand alone step.

  • Explorers … Grades K and 1
  • Adventurers … Grade 2
  • Discoverers … Grades 3 and 4
  • Investigators … Grades 5 and 6
  • Navigators … Grades 7 and 8

This multi-year class configuration fosters a climate that allows differential progress tailored to the individual. It allows a significant relationship to develop between teacher and student as well as between teacher and parent.

Small class size allows for individualized instruction and attention. The teaching team at each step delivers curriculum in center-based classrooms. Centers are developed around project-based units that are designed to provide students with meaningful, concrete learning experiences. Direct instruction is also provided to be sure that students are proficient in specific knowledge and skills.

Feedback from students who have graduated from Compass has shown that they were well prepared for high school.