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The Compass School community wishes for a permanent campus facility that matches the quality of the programs offered here. Currently, our school’s 20+ acre campus is comprised of active and inactive permanent structures along with two leased modular buildings. In looking at the current needs of our campus and our students, the greatest concern and priority for our school lies in the use of the modular classrooms.

In 2017, The Compass School officially embarked upon a mission to redesign our facility. A request for proposals was posted on our school’s website and Saccoccio & Associates was hired for Stage 1. They delivered and presented an architectural design feasibility report (below) in September. In October, an request for proposals was posted for Stage II below. Interested architectural design firm candidates are welcome to review the pertinent background information below and submit proposals before November 17, 2017.

Pertinent Background Information for Interested Architectural Design Candidates:

Stage 2 (Current):Seeking Architectural Firm for Stage II Architectural Design

The Compass School is seeking qualified architectural firms  to submit proposals to complete Stage II of the Necessity of School Construction for the renovation of a barn into a middle school. Please click on attachments for RFP and related documentation.

Stage 1 (Complete): Architectural Design Feasibility Report

Prepared by Saccoccio & Associates

Compass School Feasibility Report VIDEO.mp4

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Compass School Feasibility Study.pdf

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