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Resource Drive-Through Monday: 10am – 12pm at Compass

I have been overcome by the incredible generosity and kindness of this community. Instead of responding to uncertainty with fear or hysteria, you have reached out with generous offers of support to me and to our Compass community.

  • Many of you asked how to best get food to those who need it.
  • Others have offered to drive resources to people’s homes.
  • You have identified your skills to me and asked how they could be of service to the Compass Response.

I feel inspired by all of you.

While I love this quote, I would edit it just slightly saying, “A crisis reveals what a community is made of.” I feel proud to be part of The Compass Community.

Tomorrow, Ms. Julie and I will host a Resource Drive-Through from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. The goal is to be effective and efficient in getting you the resources you need to be successful if you’re at home with your kids for an undefined amount of time.

The Sign Up Genius link is at the bottom of this email because I want you to READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS TWICE so that you fully understand the plan. 🙂 We sometimes struggle with this… There is a lot here and it’s important that you read it all…carefully…for this to work.

Here’s the Plan:

Please click on the blue button way down below to sign up for a time slot in the Resource Drive-Through after you have read the directions twice.

I have intentionally identified 10 minute increments of time with 10 sign ups per slot to allow for organization of materials.

This is what we’re giving out:

  • Anyone who was absent on Friday gets a cool blue Compass bag.
  • If your child is a Navigator (7th-8th) and forgot his/her science notebook at school, you can pick it up in the Resource Drive-Through.
  • If your child is in grades K-2, you will NOT be receiving a Chromebook.
  • In K-1, Compass kids intentionally never use technology, so we’re not going to start now. All assignments will be tech-free for our youngest learners.
  • In 2nd grade, there are optional online assignments. We are not providing devices the 2nd grade optional assignments.
  • If your child is in grades 3-8, you may pick up his/her Chromebook and charger. We have one for every child in those grades.
  • If you have enough devices at home and don’t want the Chromebook, that’s totally fine – in fact, that’s why I intentionally didn’t send them all home on Friday.
  • If you pick up a Chromebook, you must agree to The Chromebook Carryout Agreement. By picking up this resource, you are agreeing to the terms. (Shout out to everyone on policy committee who worked on this a few years ago! So handy that we have it ready to go now! It’s like we knew and were prepping 🙂

Real Talk From Ms. Brandee:

If you pick up a school-issued Chromebook, you (the parent) are responsible for making sure your child is using it appropriately for school reasons. If there is limited supervision, a world of undesired outcomes could happen. The kiddos’ brains are not fully developed and without strong supervision, they sometimes make bad choices with technology.

I suggest having a “this is a school tool that is only used at the kitchen table” kind of rule (or something similar). Add on that they can’t have liquids near it. You are more than welcome to say that Ms. Brandee told you to do this (and anything else that sounds like something I would say). 🙂

  • In the comment section of the Sign Up, write what you are picking up. For example:
  • If you would like your Child’s Chromebook, you write “Sophia Lapisky – Chromebook”
  • If you are picking up a cool blue bag because your child was absent on Friday, you write, “Owen Lapisky – blue bag”
  • Do not identify if you are picking up a wifi hot spot or free/reduced lunches on the Sign Up. I know who you are and will get that for you.


Many of you reached out offering to help drive resources to other family’s homes and we’re going to take you up on it. Thank you!!!

I know you guys. Some of you are thinking…

“A delivery option!
That’s amazing because I can’t imagine shlepping my 3 kids into the car
and driving all the way to Compass and back to pick up a Chromebook,
I’m not going to sign up for it because it’s hard for me to accept help.
Ms. Brandee created that option for someone else, not me.”

Here’s the deal: Some of you need help. This whole deal is going to be challenging – conserve your energy. Others want to help you. Accept support during this crazy time.

Real Talk from Ms Brandee about Deliveries

  • Do not do a “stop and chat” with one another.
  • Your act of kindness is the delivery itself.
  • Your job is to leave the delivery on the doorstep or in the driveway, then drive away. Mission accomplished. Thank you.
  • The person receiving the delivery should not invite you in for coffee.
  • I’m for real about social distancing, folks. What is usually kind and hospitable is not during a pandemic.
  • Please sign up for both being a driver and receiving a delivery using the blue Resources Drive Through sign up at the bottom of this message.

Supporting One Another With Food

At Arts Day, I talked to our sound/lighting person and he was really scared about everything that is happening. He has a thriving business, but relies on events to make money. With all events shutting down, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. Even one week without work would hit him hard.

We have folks in our community that work hard to provide for their families. They can’t work if there is no work because everyone is social distancing and there is not a “work from home option” for them (like our sound/lighting guy). Anyone who is paid hourly or by commission is struggling right now. These are often not folks who typically receive free/reduced lunch – this is a different phenomenon altogether.

If you would like to help get food to Compass folks in this situation, please buy Stop & Shop gift cards and drop them off at the Resource Drive Though. Try to sign up for a slot closer to 10:00 so that I’ll have them. I chose Stop & Shop because there is one in each community and they have a Peapod option right now for delivery.

If you need help because you find yourself identifying with the Arts Day sound/lighting guy, the Compass Community wants to help you. I know you’re thinking:

“Grocery Gift Cards!
That’s amazing because I am a __ and my work is shut down
I’m not going to say anything because it’s hard for me to accept help.
Ms. Brandee created that option for someone else, not me.”

Here’s the deal: Some of you need help. Others want to help you. Accept support during this crazy time. If your family would benefit from a Stop & Shop gift card, write to me about it using the Checking In with Ms. Brandee form. Nobody will ever know you received a card except for Ms. Julie and I.

Signing Up for the Resource Drive-Through

Did you carefully read the plan for the Resource Drive-Through? The whole thing? Are you sure…. Go back and re-read one more time. 🙂

Okay, if you feel like you confidently know the plan and will follow directions, you’ve earned the opportunity to sign up! Please click on the blue button below.

Things are weird out there, but together, we’ll get through it. Thanks for being a calm presence for your kids. Thanks for taking care of each other. I am grateful for this amazing community.