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During these times of uncertainty, ongoing communication is even more important than ever before. It is vital that everyone have accurate information (as best as we know it).

As you ponder everything that is going on and you get curious, seek me out directly for information rather than guessing or putting it out for social media to muse about.  Those methods get dangerous really quickly. 

I mentioned before that my email inbox has exploded – no joke. 

In the last few days, I’ve been inundated with incredibly important emails from the RI Department of Health & the CDC along with solicitation from every vendor under the sun looking to capitalize on online learning, and everywhere in between.  It takes longer than it should to sift through the junk in order to find the important stuff.

With that in mind, please use this form titled “Checking In with Ms. Brandee” to connect with me.  It helps me separate your message from the junk.

If you have a question that’s unique to you, I’ll respond to you directly.  If you have feedback about how Compass is responding to the situation, a suggestion, a wonder, or a specific question that would benefit everyone, I’ll respond to everyone in my next community-wide message. 

Know that if you hit submit on the form, I will see it.  I may not respond to every submission, but if you wrote it, rest assured that I considered it.  Some of the things you’re curious about, I already have a plan for, but just can’t get the message out to you yet because I’m drinking from a firehose.  Here’s a visual for you… 

As always, I commit to coming to you with a plan and a well-developed message that is informed by experts.  You might need to wait a little bit for it, but it will be worth the wait. 🙂 

I am putting out a lot of communication to you all right now.  If you click on the button below, you’ll find a link to the 20 most recent “A Note from Ms. Brandees”  for easy reference to prior communications. 

Hang in there, team. We can do this.