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It’s Surveyworks Time! 

What is Surveyworks? 

Surveyworks is a measurement of school culture – it asks questions about our students’, staff’s and families’ school experience.  It puts student achievement and test scores aside for a minute and asks about how it feels to a member of each and every school in RI.

For many of us, the Compass culture is why our staff choose to work here, why our parents choose to educate their kids here.  It’s everything from the free-range chicken who crosses the path in front of you on the way to the farmhouse, to why you call me Ms. Brandee and not Mrs. Lapisky (or worse: Director Lapisky :/).

It’s a credit to our department of education that they take the time to ask and analyze these questions every year.  Please take a minute to review Compass’ results from last year!

Graphic Design Credit: Colleen Russell (parent)

One of the ways that RIDE measures school culture beyond the questions on the survey is by measuring how many people participate in the survey.

Please take a minute to share your experience by clicking on the link below. Thank you in advance for your participation in the 2018 Surveyworks!