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Fuse RI Alumni Tour Spotlight: Heidi Vazquez

This year, Highlander Institute is staying connected with our Cohort 1 Fuse Fellows through a Fuse RI Alumni Tour. We’re visiting Fuse Alumni around the state to catch up with them in their current roles, and documenting our experience. Follow the hashtag #FuseRIAlumniTour for more updates!

Heidi Vazquez, a Discoverer teacher at Compass, is an award-winning Fuse Fellow and passionate innovator of blended and personalized learning strategies. In a charter school environment like ours, we have the unique opportunity to be ‘laboratories of innovation,’ trailblazing new pathways for learning and living. And it is because of the dedication of our teachers and their continuous efforts to both network and take on professional development opportunities that our school continues to thrive.

As the Personalized Learning Lead Teacher at The Compass School, Heidi is able to serve in a consultative role for other teachers in addition to her position as an educator. As parents, teachers and administrators, we struggle to find a balance of learning resources that encourages social interaction and outdoor experiences while taking advantage of digital resources. Based on recent test scores and the positive feedback of our students, we are certainly on the right track.

It is with sincere gratitude for her time and work within the bounds of our campus and across the state that we congratulate Ms Heidi on her accomplishments as a teacher, collaborator and Fuse Fellow. Compass is even more wonderful because of your efforts and we can’t wait to see what you bring to our table next!