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It’s time to launch the Compass School Annual Fund for 2015-16!

We have two main goals:

  1. 100% Family, staff and council participation.
  2. A total target of $20,000. 

The Annual Fund Campaign is the foundation of our fundraising efforts at The Compass School, allowing us to fulfill our mission to provide opportunities for each student to grow as a cognitive, physical, emotional and reflective being. Like most charter schools, Compass relies on annual, tax-deductible gifts, in addition to district taxes, to balance the budget each year and continue to offer enhanced education programs and facilities for the children.

Annual Fund FAQ

Why is my gift to the Annual Fund so important?
Every year you participate in the Annual Fund, it’s like you are casting a vote – for our students, for our faculty, and for Compass mission. Administration, Trustees and other potential donors view participation as one indicator of satisfaction in the school. And every gift made, no matter the size, makes a difference!

What is the goal of the Annual Fund Campaign, and how will the gifts be used? 
The Annual Fund proceeds provide Compass with the financial flexibility to make investments throughout the year that would not be possible through district revenue only. Examples of those investments include:

  • Blended learning
  • Technology
  • Maintaining Buildings, Grounds, & Equipment
  • Development 

Who participates in the Annual Fund campaign?
Donors include school families, friends, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty and staff. Additionally, we support our budget for facilities and special enrichment programs with corporate and foundation grants.

How do I make my Annual Fund Campaign Gift?
The easiest way to make a gift or pledge is to visit our secure, donation button at the top of this page. Donations and pledges can also be submitted to the school office at any time. Forms are available on the front office.

Can my Annual Fund gift be matched by my employer?
Depending on your employer, most charitable gifts to a school can be matched. For information regarding your employer’s matching gifts policy, please contact your company’s Human Relations office.  United Way contributions can also be directed to our school.

What is The Compass School’s non-profit Tax ID number?