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Harvest Fest 2015!

The Compass School is often recognized for its efforts at fostering a rich sense of community. Since 2002, members of the staff, Council and Co-Op have worked to build traditions that teach our children how to be part of a thriving community. From weekly events like morning gathering to once-a-trimester activities like camp day to annual celebrations like the Eco Fair, Arts Night and the Harvest Festival, our students look forward to the traditions that unite us as a school.
As the first official family event of the school year, the Annual Harvest Festival is a great way to welcome new families and for returning students and parents to reconnect with old friends and classmates. Formerly celebrated as two events–the Harvest Festival and the Compass Bonfire–this dynamic evening at Clark Farms combines the best of both worlds in one fun yet low-maintenance event.
Upon arrival, families were welcomed to Clark Farms by members of the Compass Community Co-Op and handed their wristbands. Beyond the gates, children of all ages were delighted by hay rides, pedal cars, an elaborate corn maze, petting zoo, corn pit and even a mountain slide. As the sun went down and the cold set in, families huddled together by the fire, roasting marshmallows and chatting with friends. Older students ran through the corn maze for hours, illuminating the path with flashlights and headlamps.
In addition to uniting the families of our school in an event that encouraged children to be physically active and to spend time outdoors, the Harvest Festival is a lucrative fundraiser. With 210 people in attendance, our community was able to raise $600 to give back to Compass!  A deep bow of gratitude goes to Clark Farms for hosting, to Anna Collis for her role in planning the event, and to the ladies of the Co-Op for playing the part of the friendly greeters.


Article Submitted by: Colleen Russell, Compass Parent of an Explorer, Discoverer and Investigator

Photo Credit: Juan Vazquez, Compass Parent of an Adventurer and Discoverer and Rachel Axelson, Compass Parent of an Explorer