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2015-2016 is a charter renewal year at The Compass School!

Every five years, representatives from the RI Department of Education lead a charter renewal process which seeks to answer 3 questions:

  • Is the school’s educational program an academic success? This component of the framework is designed to report student outcome measures using the most generalizable data available.
  • Is the school providing the appropriate conditions for success? This component is designed to gauge the quality of charter program implementation, including instructional leadership and practices, curricula development, student and staff supports, family and community engagement, school climate, and mission alignment at each school. Evidence regarding this question is gathered through the school’s annual reports, a multi-day site visit process and evidence review.
  • Is the school a viable organization? This component is designed to assess a charter school’s record of sustaining its operations and maintaining program quality. The school’s financial health, regulatory compliance, and the quality of implementation of programmatic goals are reviewed to assess organizational viability.

Ms. Brandee, Ms. Hilary (Charter Renewal Leader), the School Council, Compass educators and family community will all play important roles in this milestone.  Thank you in advance to everyone for your efforts to demonstrate our school’s success!